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Frequently Ask Quetions
1. What is portal is owned by web master Mr.Narendra Kharat. It is a joint work of Dr.Anand Teltumbde and Me Mr.Narendra Kharat. This portal is a Social Networking Website of community of India and Abroad which covered Information of Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar, his life, Thought, Literature And Movement. In Modern World, almost everyone use website, as it has been an integral part of our life. People from different community and religions help their community to grow by providing online services.
There are several website which provide information of Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar and his movement but unfortunately did not got the drive response. is a website, in which people will have not only Information of Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar, his life, thought, literature And Movement but also benefits in many ways like e-mail service, matrimonial, upload organisation and sms/Email campaign.
Bottom-line of this website will be Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar and Ambedkarism only.

2. Is an Organisation?
No,"Jaibhim" is holy slogan of Multi-Millions Bottom heart lover of Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar and Ambedkarism. Solely from this holy slogan Ambedkarist people all over India and abroad come together. Hence, we are not going to open any kind of organisation under this holy slogan. It will remain an Independent social networking online platform. This holy slogan will be the name of the website till end and all activities serve under this holy slogan.

3. Is this website tie up with any political party or social organisation?
No, No, website is not associate or ties up with any kind of political party, Social or religious Organisation. However, we would like to work for social, educational and religious organisation inform of their promotional activities through The portal will be an independent social networking online platform in which all organisations and individual will be treated equally.

4. Is the website running under any one guidance?
Yes, this website would not run under any one guidance rather it will be run through ambedkarist experts, their suggestion and expertise views are valuable to us and time to time will be taken into consideration.

5. What is Email campaign and SMS campaign and for whom it will be done?
Regarding email and SMS campaign please do visit our Email Campaign and SMS Campaign link

6. Through this website which organisation will be consider for online Donation service?
Through this website only two holy places of Dalit community will be consider to get online Donation service. Once permission will be granted from the administrative authorities of the organisations, the holy places name will be declare.

7. Does this website Accept any kind of donation?
No, this website will solely run by web master Mr.Narendra kharat. It would not Accept any kind of donation from anyone.
8. What is the role of web master in this website?
The web master through this website will be wholly responsible for the smooth conduct of the website. Any ill legal and immoral activities will not be entertained. Whatever information to provide or not to provide will be his responsibility.

9. Does this website have any official office outside Mumbai?
No, Right now website is running by webmaster. In near future for expansion of website, there will be well estabilish office for


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